Forthcoming Exhibitions

At the new Gallery we have a purpose built exhibition room and are currently taking invites from artists for 2018 and 2019. Please email us samples of your work along with brief information about yourself. If you would like a private view invitation for any of our forthcoming exhibitions at the Gallery please contact us either by phone or email.


May 5th

Keith Shone

KEITH SHONE for his new show with us, he has combined elements of landscape and abstract to create large, highly textured paintings. Keith enjoys placing the canvases on the ground and using a pouring method to created his look. Abstract art is about exploring form and colour. One could even venture to say that it is artists drawing how they feel, Abstract art isn't about making perfect copies of real life. Born in Mold in 1931, Keith Shone progressed from school, to Chester School of Art at a time when, in his words, "art school in pursuance of a boy’s career, was only one step up from embarking on formal ballet training!"



Allan Redfern


David Barnes


Malcolm Mclean


Judith Donaghy


Ian Jones



David Pollock